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This Summer’s Biggest Charity Events

Every year in the summer time many charitable and non-profit organizations sponsor some type of major social event. This function is designed to bring awareness to a problem or to raise money for a cause. The following material will highlight some of the best and most popular charitable affairs within the United States. Remember that most of these events take place from June to August.

The Southampton Fresh Air Home’s annual American Picnic. This picnic takes place in Southampton, New York and it is given every year to raise money for physically handicapped children in the area. In 2017 this picnic will be approaching its 29th anniversary. There will be plenty of games, great foods and a fireworks display that will end the event. This event will take place on July 1.

Halsey House

On July 9, 2017 the Halsey House in Southampton will sponsor a private lawn party. This social event will provide cocktails, a dinner and a silent action. The event is sponsored to raise money for the Halsey House which is Southampton’s oldest home. By the way, the Halsey House is actually a museum and the money raised from this expensive event is also used to preserve the artwork and artifacts at the museum.

Perry Paws Fundraiser

In the city of Baltimore, the Perry Paws fundraiser is a popular event that raises money for a nonprofit animal shelter known as BARCS. There is plenty of food and music from local live bands. The event also sponsors a microbrewery for people who enjoy the fresh taste of hand crafted ales. This fundraiser also has plenty of activities for children. It takes place on June 28 and will be sponsored at the Bill Bateman’s Bistro which is located at 9629 Bel Air Road.

Keep in mind that every big (and little) city within the U.S. has some type of major summer charitable event. Keeping track of every last one is extremely difficult but here is a quick breakdown of some of these functions and where they are located.

Denver Sky High Rotary Pig Roast and Corn Hole Tournament. This event takes place in June within the city of Denver, Colorado.

Pan-Mass Challenge that takes place in Needham, Massachusetts in August.

Aids Walk takes place inside of New York City ever year in May.

Komen Race for the Cure is one of the nation’s largest and most extensive charitable events. It takes place throughout the year, including the summer time. The event is sponsored in various cities throughout the country. People who are interested in this affair will have to check the dates and times that it will take place within their own city.

Pelotonia is the second largest charitable event within the U.S. that raises money for cancer research. It takes place every year in Columbus, Ohio. The event will be given from August 4 – 6 in 2017. These are some of the major U.S. charitable events that millions of people are expected to support.

How Good is Vacation, Right?

Everyone needs a little R&R every now and again.  (And again…and again! LOL)  However, most people don’t get to take as much time time off as they need or deserve.  Such is the crazy way the world has evolved.  In many cases it is “live to work” and not “work to live”.  We don’t agree with it but we do value what a strong passion is to some people.  Work, for example, when it is something that you love doing or that you know helps others (like some of our charity work) is truly a blessing.

However, yeah, we did take a little bit of a break recently. 🙂

So, what did we do?

We went camping!

Yes, there is no deep need for us to be sitting by the beach and getting pampered.  We wanted to go into the outback a bit.  Somewhat off the grid.  We wanted a true vacation, away from vendors, solicitors, applicants, etc.  Now, don’t get us wrong.  We, at all times, had someone that was very able to handle HeartAidProject.org the whole time we were away.  That being said, we had a great time and were more than just a little happy to get way from it all!

So, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of vacation.

Great Ways Time Off Improves Your Performance at Work

There’s a great article in Entrepreneur Magazine that states:

“There is a lot of research that says we have a limited pool of cognitive resources,” says Allison Gabriel, an assistant professor of management at Virginia Commonwealth University who studies job demands and employee motivation. “When you are constantly draining your resources, you are not being as productive as you can be. If you get depleted, we see performance decline. You’re able to persist less and have trouble solving tasks.”

For a read of the entire article you can go here:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237446

If you Need Motivation to Actually Get out and Travel then check out our friend’s Matt page at Nomadic Matt:

Learn a language — Join a class and pick up a language you might use on the road. Once you’ve started learning the language, you’ll hate to waste your new skill. And the only way to use it is to travel to where they speak it! Here are some blog posts from language experts I know to get you started

Great stuff, right?  Learning a new language will really push you to put all of that brain energy that you used learning the language to good use!  Here’s the whole article:  http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/stay-motivated/

Lastly, though, you need to know how to do all these things like camping, hiking and staying safe.  Not everyone grows up doing it and that isn’t  reason why you shouldn’t take the leap and actually experience what it is like to sleep and wake up under the stars.  For that, check out some good information at Hiking Hydration:

Water backpacks are common in outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, cycling, running, etc.) and essentially are bags filled with liquid (and packed in a backpack). Staying hydrated is much easier with a hydration pack or bladder because the process is effortless and convenient. Usually, people think of the brand name “Camelbak” in regards to these packs but there are many more options!

The quote above is from a real good outdoor site that is all about staying hydrated but has all sorts of great information.  Try out the site and the info here: http://www.hikinghydration.com/best-hydration-packs-reviewed-rated/

Listen, you have to trust us:  No matter how much you love your job and how important you are to it…remember that you have to recharge those batteries every once in a while.  You and your organization would be far better off for it.

Now, it’s back to the grind!  Keep those donations coming!

Potty Training Regression and Bedwetting

Your three-year-old showed signs of readiness for potty training and you got the ball rolling by purchasing a potty for him. As time passed, your child succeeded in using the toilet but now he is wetting his bed more frequently and you don’t know why. If the bedwetting persists for weeks, your child might be dealing with potty training regression. Some reasons for this include stress of new experiences, undiagnosed medical condition, or other factors. You can talk with your pediatrician to discuss solutions. One such solution is a bedwetting alarm. You would install this alarm in your child’s training pants and the alarm goes off at the moment of urination.This alerts your child to go to the bathroom. Here is additional information on potty training and bedwetting.

Establish Consistent Bedtime Routine

A regular nighttime routine helps in reducing bedwetting during potty training. Cut back on the amount of liquids you feed your child at least two hours before bedtime and you also want to have him use the toilet right after his last drink. Drinks that are high in caffeine such as soft drinks should be avoided since they increase urine production in your child. Another idea is to keep bedtime calming and enjoyable for your child. Read stories or sing to him, and have snuggle time as this encourages him.

Don’t Scold Child When Bedwetting Occurs

You will feel frustrated if your child wets the bed during the potty training process.Instead, you want to let your child know that bedwetting happens to other kids sometimes, and that you are still proud of his efforts. When you scold or embarrass him after bedwetting, he will become less motivated to continue with the potty training.. You can have him use the bedwetting alarm until he is able to use the bathroom consistently on his own.

Don’t Revert Back to Diapers

If your child occasionally wets his bed after being fully potty trained, you should keep him in his training pants and not return to diapers. When your child alternates between diapers and training pants, it becomes confusing to him and he won’t learn to feel discomfort during accidents.

Patience is Key

You may know friends whose toddlers had an easier time with potty traning and who do not wet the bed frequently. Realize that each child is different and that in time he will experience fewer accidents as he gets better at regulating himself. Don’t give in to advice that says you can potty train a child within a few days or less because this is unrealistic.

Reward Him During Prolonged Absence of Bedwetting

The time will come when your child will wet his bed less and less, and you want to reward your child with praise and rewards. Tell him that you’re glad that he is becoming a big boy by using the toilet on his own and not wetting the bed. Some nice rewards include his favorite meal or dessert, new outfit, the chance to stay up later on the weekend, or a day out on the town with you.

Remind Throughout the Day

You can reduce bedwetting if your child uses the bathroom a few times during the day. Most toddlers have so much fun playing and exploring their environments that they don’t think about the importance of taking a break to use the bathroom. You want to remind your child to use the toilet during the day. You should especially do this after his mealtimes since he is likely to consume liquids with his foods.

About Choosing the Right Bedwetting Alarm

Earlier in this article it was mentioned that a bedwetting alarm is helpful for your child and here are some tips on choosing the right one. Consider which alarm your child would be the most comfortable with. Would he prefer to have the sensor placed in his training pants or would he prefer the kind of alarm that has a separate pair of underwear with a built-in sensor. You also want to look for an alarm that will be effective and loud enough for children who are deep sleepers. With these steps, your child can overcome potty training regression and end bedwetting.

4 Easy Ways to Start Your Own Charity

Everyone on this earth has a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. One of the most popular ways to make a difference in people’s lives is charities. Have you ever been passionate about making a difference but you don’t know where to start? Starting a charity can help you give back to your community. Whether it is promoting environmental awareness or helping the homeless, starting a charity can be a rewarding but daunting task. Of the thousands of charities that launch each year, only some charities have success. Learning how to start your own charity is easier than you think.

4 Easy Ways to Start Your Own Charity

Here are 4 easy ways to start your own charity:

1. Develop Your Goal

The first step you should take is to develop a vision. The creation of a charity comes from a cause or passion. What are you passionate about? Why do you want to start a charity? Knowing the answers to those questions can help create the change that you want to bring through your charity. Creating a non-profit organization is one good way to start. Your charities vision should be your primary goal.

2. What Is Your Mission?

Once you develop your goal and vision for your charity, you have to come up with a mission statement. A good mission statement communicates to neighbors in your communities, volunteers and potential supports what your charity is all about. The mission statement should be short and straight to the point. In your mission statement, you should include goals that are challenging and achievable.

3. Find Your Fundraiser

You may know that raising funds are one of the answers to how to start your own charity. A charity cannot function without help. If you want to get a supplier to donate goods, sell a product, or run a food bank you have to know how to start a successful fundraiser. Find different ways to place your name before the public. It is also imperative to meet with organizations that are similar to yours. Present presentations to your potential donors. Don’t be discouraged if someone does not want to donate to your charity just keep pushing funds.

4. Become Popular In Your Community

In order to run a successful charitie, you have to have a presence in your community. Call local churches, community centers, libraries or schools and ask to speak to the audience. Having support from your community can help you bring in funds and raise awareness.

Starting your charity regardless of the cause can impact your community. Now you know four ways on how to start your own charity. It will take some time to get your charity going but remember to keep your vision and goal in mind. In order to create a charity, you need passion, patience, and dedication. It is recommended to raise at least a years worth of funds before you start spending money for your charity. Spend your money wisely and realize that regardless of your success you are making a difference.

Modern Medical Technology Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Now that it is officially the year 2016, medicine just keeps evolving in conjunction with that of technology. This is true in cardiology and also in all other fields of medicine. Particularly, for cardiologists it is quite exciting to see how far this specialty has come in regards to the new heart pacemaker technology available for patients in needs. Individuals are living longer with the aforementioned medical advances and the degree of safety along with much higher standards that physicians are held to on a daily basis .

The Micra

In April of this year, the Federal Drug Agency approved Medtronic’s newest heart pacemaker called “The Micra”. This amazing device is not only implanted inside the heart but it is named appropriately so because of the fact that is actually the size of a small capsule. This device is the smallest heart pacemaker in the world; in fact it is reportedly only one tenth the size of all other ‘normal’ pacemakers on the market. What is even more astounding is that the heart does not even have to be touched directly nor an incision to the heart made because of the fact that the physician approaches implantation via the shoulder. The implanting doctor starts the procedure by making the incision at the shoulder and then proceeding by going through a blood vessel to properly place “The Micra” in the right ventricle chamber of the heart.

Wireless Pacemakers

Another advancement made in heart pacemaker technology is that doctors now have wireless pacemakers. This enables them to implant pacemakers and no longer worry about attached leads. Harvard Health reports that while heart pacemakers in general are stable medical devices, the most common problems associated are those with the leads. They are often times the source of problems or infections therefore this elimination makes pacemakers safer in general for the population that requires them.

With almost one million patients receiving pacemakers each year, new heart pacemaker technology is something that must continue to advance rapidly as science and learning are both two things that are always progressing. Medtronic even has an application available to patients with smartphones – whether it is on an Android or Apple platform – called MyCare Link Smart Monitor. With just the click of a button or the use of a smartphone application, patients are able to see their own stats as per their implanted pacemaker and can also transmit this data to physicians. Such can also be uploaded to a Medtronic service called Carelink which is resourceful because the aforementioned will monitor at risk patients and if detected, send a notification from the center to the authorized treating physician.

All of the above are amazing, new heart pacemaker technology advances that have changed many lives and will only continue to do so. Again, it is not only cardiology that benefits from clinical research but all other subspecialties and specialties in the medical field. There should be no doubt that even a cure for cancer will one day be found.

Using Music to Heal

Music is a form of art, which uses the medium of sound. Since prehistoric era, ancient Greek and Egyptian times, Music has been an important part of arts and cultural activity. Music has been used religiously, for ceremonial purposes, for aesthetic pleasures and entertainment for decades.

In the 1930s, psychoacoustic studies emerged in which there were various scientific theories about the perception of sound. The psychological and physiological aspects of how hearing different kinds of sounds were studied.

Music is now being used as a means of improving and maintaining health. Music therapy is done to use all aspects of music, including spiritual, aesthetic, emotional, social, physical, mental – are used to help patients. It has been known to help people with handling their emotions.

Using Music to heal patients is a very unique and powerful method. Special kind of music compositions are used which are given to the patient to listen. These compositions are aimed at making the patient feel relaxed and calm. Music helps to speed up the recovery process of a patient and aids the therapists to help their patients to undergo a speedy recovery. It can be also used as a self-healing tool to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Music is the new medicine for various physical and emotional issues. Music compositions are used in addition to traditional medicine to intensify the healing in any treatment and make it more effective. New therapists are solely using beats, rhythm, and melodies to assist patients to recover from psychological and even physical problems.

Music has the power to evoke emotions. One can listen to a certain type of musical composition and it may trigger an emotional change in their moods. Listening to sad music has made the patients sad and caused an increase in their stress levels while there are some beautiful compositions made which will trigger happiness in the listeners’ moods.

Using music to heal has many benefits in addition to aiding relief from pain. It helps to ease anxiety and stress during procedures during clinical trials and in the recovery process afterward as well. It aids in reducing the side effects of cancer therapy. Music therapy also helps to restore the loss of speech. It helps with rehabilitation and physical therapy too.

The world of medicine is astounding and complex. There are various kinds of medicine that do wonders and music is one of them. It has provided good treatment for different psychological illnesses including dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism.

At the emotional and mental level, music can help with boosting confidence levels, releasing depression, treating concentration problems, and enabling the patient himself to use healing methods.

At the physical level, music helps in relaxing and preparing the patient for operations and surgery. It also helps in building physical strength, recovering from a wide range of diseases, and opening energy passes in the body.

Healing through music has very few to none boundaries. The therapist applies their deep knowledge of how any composition of sound may affect the patient. They combine their knowledge to sooth and heal the pain.

About the Campaign

A well-known music composer and pianist, Eric Chapelle, organized heart Aid Project. About 30+ music composers including Janie Campbell, George Winston, Spencer Brewer, Ira Stein and Robin Spielberg to name a few, are helping to compile a CD with healing and soothing piano compositions.

Music is said to be the nutrition for the soul. It holds the power to relax the minds of people undergoing through trauma and stress. Some soft compositions of the piano are being made by the music artists, which will help the families undergoing a terrible disaster in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Listening to soft melodies helps the people in stress to evoke their emotional reactions and relax aiding them to heal. The loss of a loved one cause pain just like any injury that happens to the body but in this case, the person’s pain is inflicted psychologically and affects him mentally. Music is said to have the healing power and helps to relax the mental state of the patient. In this project, many renowned musicians are working to create a CD with a collection of healing compositions, which might help the people suffering from loss.

This campaign is a way to bestow a gift upon the victims’ families and that is Music. Contributions and donations are needed so that the process of manufacturing, producing and promoting the CD can be done as soon as possible. An account has been set up in which people can send in or deposit their donations.

We all know the fact that the loss of a loved one is a loss, which leaves a hole in the grieving families’ lives and a void in their hearts. No doubt, there is nothing that will replace that loved one but it is the law of nature that man learns to cope up with these distressful times and learns to live his life properly.

Music is something, which helps to take the mind of a stressed person off stressful thoughts and helps in healing. The pianists are trying to create soothing melodies and soft relaxing compositions, which will aid the families to forget their pain for a short time.

So, do you want to pay your tribute to the lost lives and stand together with their loved one’s hand in hand and become their strength while they spend these difficult times of distress? Come, donate, help and promote this good cause as much as you can.